Become a Consultant Solicitor

Are You Ready to Revolutionise Your Career?

Fee share of up to 70% based on client following

If you’re a solicitor ready to take you career to new heights, becoming a Consultant Solicitor with Greystone Solicitors is the way to achieve this. Our consultancy model ensures that your way of working puts your wants and needs first.

Become a Consultant solicitor

Geographical Freedom

You will not be confined to an office environment. You can work from the comfort of your own home, your local coffee shop, or just about anywhere in the world. We have consultant working locally, nationally, and internationally!


Not only will you save time and money on the daily commute, meaning you can spend such precious commodities on other areas of your life, but you also have the freedom of choosing where and what hours you work to fit around the needs of your family and other commitments.


Unfortunately for employees, circumstances can lead to losing a job, which can make being dependant on an employer that much more dangerous. However, as a self-employed consultant solicitor, you have the security of your own client base.


No longer will you be forced to take on challenging clients and struggle to meet impractical expectations. You will be able to choose which clients you represent while determining how to meet their needs; as well as how many clients you take on in order to reach personally set billing targets.

Why join Greystone Solicitors?

  1. Access overflow to New Client enquiries not taken on by Greystone Solicitors
  2. Access to Greystone Solicitors’ case management systems, accounts and Microsoft Office remotely at no extra cost to yourself
  3. Reception areas for clients, interview and conference rooms for your use
  4. Your profile on our website
  5. Access to advertising material for Greystone Solicitors
  6. Initial induction and training provided
  7. Supervision and file Reviews
  8. Professional Indemnity cover of over 3 million pounds
  9. Scanning service of all documents and letters to your email account
  10. Letterheaded paper
  11.  Business cards
  12. Access to advertising material for Greystone Solicitors

By becoming a Consultant Solicitor with Greystone Solicitors, you can succeed on your terms, whilst receiving support and guidance during your transition.


For more information on becoming a solicitor call us on 01582 343 453, email your CV to