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Costs Law Solicitors in Bedfordshire

As a law firm ourselves, we understand how important it is for your law firm to maximise profitability via effective management of legal cost recovery and mitigation of costs payable.

We have the experience, means and knowledge to ensure this happens.

We have represented individuals and organisations ranging from small high street firms to larger organisations and insurers, both as claimant and defendant. As a result we are able to provide balanced, clear, concise, and actionable advice and representation on a myriad of costs issues.

This includes challenges from clients under the Solicitors Act 1975.

We can manage the entirety of your costs process or provide additional resources on a case by case basis. Or agree bespoke processes to seamlessly integrate with your organisation.

Our specialist Costs Law team can help you with:

  • Cost of Commercial Litigation, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Contested Probate, Employment Law and Family Law
  • Attendance at Costs and Case Management Conferences
  • Attendance at Detailed Assessment Hearings
  • Costs Budgeting
  • Negotiation
  • Points of Dispute
  • Points of Reply
  • Preparation of Bills of Costs
  • Costs challenges from former clients

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