Employment Law Fees

Price Transparency

At Greystone Solicitors our aim is to be transparent and open about our fees. This information is provided in accordance with the SRA Transparency Rules. This price transparency information is provided to help you make an informed choice as to your legal provider and understand the services and prices for legal services which we provide that come within these rules.
The price transparency information provided below is only a guide, and does not constitute an offer of services that you can accept. Each individual instruction will receive a personal quotation from us, relevant to your instructions.

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Free Initial Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation, usually by telephone, to discuss your issue, your potential settlement and how we can assist. There is no obligation for you to proceed following the initial consultation. Due to time constraints we cannot provide consultations to everyone that enquires and so can only offer consultations to those that our team can assist.

Settlement Agreement Negotiations

You may have received a Settlement Agreement from your Employer that you want to negotiate or we may advise you that you are entitled to a better settlement from your Employer.

We believe that we can get better settlements for our clients, than they would achieve for themselves, due to the extensive experience and expertise that we have in such negotiations.

We offer a variety of options in relation to our fees when carrying out negotiations, on your behalf, and this will depend on the circumstances of each case and so you will be advised of the following
your initial consultation.

Tribunal Claims

The fees and timescale for Tribunal Claims will very much depend on the type of claim and claim complexity.

Most matters that settle prior to a Tribunal Hearing will usually do so within 8-16 weeks.

If your claim proceeds to a Final Hearing, your case is likely to take 26-52 weeks to conclude, depending on the length of the hearing. This is the average time provided by ACAS but this will also depend on the Employment Tribunal availability.

All costs are subject to the addition of VAT of 20% and disbursements.

Who will be carrying out the work:

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