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Price Transparency

At Greystone Solicitors our aim is to be transparent and open about our fees. This information is provided in accordance with the SRA Transparency Rules. This price transparency information is provided to help you make an informed choice as to your legal provider and understand the services and prices for legal services which we provide that come within these rules.

The price transparency information provided below is only a guide, and does not constitute an offer of services that you can accept. Each individual instruction will receive a personal quotation from us, relevant to your instructions.

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We can offer two different options for probate work. Obtaining the grant of representation – This will include:

  • Notifying the various organisations of the death and obtaining information about the assets and liabilities;
  • Completing the inheritance tax return and submitting this to HMRC, and arranging payment of any inheritance tax as appropriate; and
  • Completing the application for the grant of representation and sending this to the probate registry.

You would then deal with the remainder of the estate administration once the grant of probate has been issued. Full estate administration – This will include the work set out above plus:

  • Collecting in the estate assets and arranging for any liabilities to be paid;
  • Preparing estate accounts;
  • Reporting to HMRC for any income tax due from the estate;
  • Arranging for Trustee Act notices to be placed, if appropriate;
  • Dealing with DWP queries; and
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.


If we are instructed to solely obtain the grant of representation, a fixed fee can be agreed. The fee for this would range from £750 plus VAT and disbursements (see below) to £1,200 plus VAT and disbursements, depending upon the complexity of the estate. If no inheritance tax is due and the more straightforward ‘IHT205’ inheritance tax return can be submitted, then the lower end of this price range would apply. If the estate is subject to inheritance tax, or if the full ‘IHT400’ inheritance tax return is required for any other reason, then the higher end of this price range would apply.

If we are instructed to deal with the full estate administration, fees will be charged based on an hourly rate. The cost will therefore vary depending upon how complicated the administration is and how much time is needed to complete it. Fees can range from £3,000 plus VAT and disbursements (see below) to £10,000 plus VAT and disbursements. Fees for relatively straightforward estates, for example where there is a valid will, one property and 2-3 bank accounts, no inheritance tax is payable, and the IHT205 inheritance tax return being required, would be towards the lower end of this price range. Factors that would increase the amount of time required and therefore the costs include:

  • More than one property being owned;
  • Shares being owned;
  • More than 3 bank accounts being held;
  • Inheritance tax being payable and/or the IHT400 inheritance tax form being required for any other reason;
  • A large number of specific gifts being left and/or a large number of beneficiaries;
  • Trusts being included within the will or having been set up during the deceased’s lifetime;
  • Lifetime gifts having been made; and
  • No valid will (an intestacy).

The above only applies to cases where:

  • All assets and liabilities are within England and Wales; and
  • There are no challenges to the will or estate distribution;
  • The deceased was domiciled in England and Wales.

Fees quoted do not include dealing with the sale of property held within the estate.

All costs are subject to the addition of VAT of 20% and disbursements.

Other fees that apply are:

£6 ID check fee per acting executor/personal representative; and
£42 (£35 plus VAT) fee for electronically sending funds (for example to beneficiaries, and in this case, it would be deducted from the funds sent to that beneficiary)


Disbursements are costs that are charged by third parties. The most likely disbursements are as follows:

• Probate Registry fee: £155 plus £1.50 for each additional copy of the grant of representation.
• Trustee Act Notice fees: Approximately £150 – £300
• In some cases, other expenses will be incurred such as property valuation fees, house clearance fees, share sale/transfer fees etc.


Generally, most estates can be dealt with within 6-12 months. Again, the timescale will depend upon the complexity of the administration. The speed of third parties also plays a big part in the timescales for an estate matter to be completed, as we have to obtain information from the relevant organisations about the assets and liabilities, as well as being dependent upon HMRC, the probate registry and sometimes the DWP. If we are instructed to solely obtain the grant of representation, this can often be dealt with within 3-6 months, but again this is dependent upon third parties such as the organisations with which assets and liabilities are held, HMRC and the probate registry.

Who will be carrying out the work:

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