Our Director Receives the Mayor's Appreciation Award

mayor's appreciation award
Amidst all the Covid-19 uncertainty happening across the UK, we’ve managed to find something to smile about again thanks to our Director!
Today, Bilal Farooq has been featured in the Luton Herald & Post to receive the Mayor’s Appreciation Award. Luton’s Mayor, Councillor Tahir Malik, has chosen to grant Bilal the Appreciation Award as recognition for all time and work he dedicates to helping to make Luton a better place to live. His outstanding efforts and contributions to the community and inspiring today’s youth has not gone unnoticed. From providing educational opportunities such as open days for local schools and sixth forms to hosting free drop-in sessions, Bilal is no stranger to extending a helping hand to those who may not otherwise have the chance.
Bilal also has a great relationship with local universities such as the University of Bedfordshire, and the University of Hertfordshire. Having previously held career talks and networking events at both intitutions, he is keen to encourage young people to improve their understanding of the legal field and subsequent career options. With the recognition of his charitable goals by receiving the Appreciation Award, Bilal hopes to continue to offer more opportunities for engagement in the community in the near future. The sky is the limit!
If you are interested in reading the rest of the article regarding the Mayor’s Appreciation Award by the Luton Herald & Post, you can do so by clicking here: Full Article.
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